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Parents and safety advocates urge action by U.S. DOT, NHTSA, All Insurance Companies And Every State Legislatures to address license standards in each state for people who drive 25,000, 30,000 and even 40,000 pound RV with a regular license. 

Dear Governor Of Florida:
Dear Public Safety Lawmaker:

Allow me to introduce ourselves, we are the only organization who has been trying to address year over year increases of 15 to 18% accidents cased by seniors who are 70, 80 and yes 90 years old driving Recreational Vehicles.  Not only does our research find that even driving a RV is a challenge to younger drivers but it is a challenge to older drivers.

Lets get right to the point and we ask you and your staff and we will ask every lawmaker, Governor, State Senator, State Representative, Each State Senate Member and Each House Representative Member this one simple question:

If a senior who is 75,80,85 or even 90 or anybody else for that matter wanted to drive a "Motorcycle" they would be subjected to in each state a class then schedule a test and then finally obtain a Drivers License to Drive A Motorcycle.

Then our question is very simple yes or no should we have a new license for RV's that incorporate "Best Practices" and specific training and then a testing center where new owners of RV's can prove they have the ability to drive a RV safely.

Yes Or No we need your response so we can record it and then as more and more accidents and deaths are recorded we can then provide your position to the victims families. 

Here is why we need your recorded position these two residences of Florida were killed by a 98 year old

resident of Michigan and we ask when you took your office you swore to protect the citizens of Florida did you not?  So what happened?


What happened is the RV industry has lobbied all pubic safety officials to not impede on their business model because having a new RV license that would provide evidence that a person who is operating the vehicle is "Competent"  to operate the vehicle safely.

Would you let a 98 year old operate a Firetruck?  That is what essentially what a RV is or even a School Bus then add the fact they can tow a trailer and then a car behind the trailer all operating this massive vehicle on heart medication with congestive heart failure.

See our Video Click Here or use the link

In closing we fully know the industry we are dealing with because we have been fully engaged with and we have been trained really well by them on the lobbing efforts they employ to derail our life saving efforts.

That is why we do not even have a Uniform RV accident report, why we do not have RV license requirements, why we do not have seat belt laws for the people in the back of a RV going 70 mph even for children.

We have recommendations on what we and the families of the victims are seeking we are simply asking your position so we can document for public record and it will be our mission to notify any and all victims of future RV accidents caused by seniors who may be 70,80,90 or even 100 who are able to drive a killing machine.


Ron J. Melancon

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